Lhasa Apso Club Breed Rescue

Rescue Coordinator: TBC
Email: sarah@khinjan.co.uk

The hard task is to rehome Lhasa’s that for one reason or another can no longer be cared for by their present owner or owners.

When the rescue co-ordinator is contacted by a prospective person wishing to rehome their dog they are asked for the history and background of that dog.  This enables the rescue co-ordinator to ascertain what type of home environment the dog would be best suited to.  They are then asked to complete a form to say that they wish the dog to be taken into “Rescue”.

When a prospective new owner contacts the rescue co-ordinator they are also asked numerous questions to make sure that they are the right person to become the new owner of the dog.  Also that the dog has the right personality for them.  The new owner must also complete a form accepting responsibility for that dog and it’s welfare.

Donations for this cause are always welcome, but the most important aspect is that the Lhasa is well looked after and happy.

Also If you would like to donate towards the Lhasa Apso Club Rescue you can do so by
PayPal  stuart.keay@outlook.com

or by cheque payable to  “Lhasa Apso Health & Welfare ” and post to:
Mr S Keay
6 Ashley Drive