Lhasa Apso Club Open Show Sunday 28th January 2018
Show Results




Judge - Mr Tony Moran (Avigdor)

BIS  CH Littondale Vallentino
RBIS  Cossy's Caffe Latte
BPIS  Motrabella's Rebecca Ballito 
RBPIS  Vallena Amica
BVIS  CH Littondale Vallentino 
RBVIS CH Timazinti Liberty

Best Dog  CH Littondale Vallentino
Reserve Best Dog  Amesen Watch Me Fly to Ballito JW (IMP,AUS)
Best Puppy Dog  No Entry 

Best Bitch  Cossy's Caffe Latte
Reserve Best Bitch  CH Timazinti Liberty 
Best Puppy Bitch  Motrabella's Rebecca Ballito


Pictures Kindly Taken By Dave Lock

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Minor Puppy Dog

No Entries 


Puppy Dog

No Entries 


Junior Dog

1st  Shigatse Luis 







Yearling Dog

No Entries

Novice Dog

No Entries

Graduate Dog

No Entries 


Post Graduate Dog

1st  Archirondel's Beauregarde







Limit Dog

1st  Amesen Watch Me Fly To Ballito (Imp Aus)
2nd  Jardene Diamond Geezer 







Open Dog

1st  CH Chamando Smooth Operator 
2nd  CH Dimara Roll The Dice For Jodak 
3rd  Newcliffe Rameses JW Sh CM







Veteran Dog

1st  CH Littondale Vallentino 
2nd CH Timazinti Danio 
3rd  Shogandale Cubra Libre Sh CH








Minor Puppy Bitch

1st  Vallena Amica
2nd Aspera Mistique 
3rd Shogandale Shiraz Dream On 
RES Mytilene Lucy Love It 
VHC Mokadream Strawberry Fields 




Puppy Bitch

1st Montrabella's Rebecca Ballito
2nd  Newcliffe Luisa-Lace
3rd Mytilene Lucy Love It 







Junior Bitch

1st  Remrah Kinky Boots At Khinjan 
2nd  Shigatse Louisa Avec Archirondel 
3rd  Shenedene Absolute Minx 







Yearling Bitch

1st  Shigatse Louisa Avec Archirondel







Novice Bitch

1st  Remrah Kinky Boots At Khinjan 
2nd  Newcliffe Luisa-Lace 
3rd Shigatse Louisa Avec Archirondel 
Res Shenedene Absolute Minx 







Graduate Bitch

No Entries

Post Graduate Bitch

1st  Kutani Bella Rosa 
2nd  Deelayne Rafa Ella At Shogandale 







Limit Bitch

1st  Timazinti's Kienkie
2nd  Vallena Varla
3rd Timazinti's Millie Mae At Narmoak 
Res Cossy's Star Attraction Via Mytilene JW







Open Bitch

1st  Cossy's Caffe Latte
2nd  Littondale Gisella
3rd  CH Mokadream Zinnia Ruffles
Res Bobellam Made You Luck 
VHC Fengola Oh So Special For Marpori 







Veteran Bitch

1st CH Timazinti Liberty 
2nd Jardene Written In The Stars