Lhasa Apso Club
47th Championship Show
Sunday 8th October 2016
Show Results

Judge - Mrs Alexandra Forth (Omegaville)


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BEST IN SHOW  CH Remrah Scarlet Ribbons at Khinjan JW
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW  CH Strike A Light For Kutani
BEST OPPOSITE SEX  CH Strike A Light For Kutani






BEST PUPPY IN SHOW  Marnbri Tiger Lily Under Autumnspell






BEST VETERAN IN SHOW  CH Deelayne Illustrious

DOG CC  CH Strike a Light For Kutani
DOG RCC  Avgit Guliver Travels to Kenida
BEST PUPPY DOG  Petwalk Eyes on Me

BITCH CC  CH Remrah Scarriet Ribbons at Khinjan JW
BITCH RCC  Quaymore Second Chance with Deelayne
BEST PUPPY BITCH  Marnbri Tiger Lily Under Autumnspell

Minor Puppy Dog (1)






1st  Katay Rafa The Gafa (Mrs K Surtees)

Puppy Dog (5)

1st  Petwalk All Eye's on Me (Mr P Walker)
2nd  Shingsa Sultan of Swing via Chtaura (Mrs A Waterhouse)
3rd  Anjesics Kingmaker of Khazedel (Miss K Hart)
4th  Jardene Diamond Geezer (Mrs J Bromley)
5th  Anniseed Christmas Magic At Samorrey (Mr R Green)

Junior Dog (5)

1st  Remrah Rave On JW (Mrs K Harmer)
2nd  Belazieth Jack Of Hearts (Mrs D Richardson)
3rd  Remrah Mad Stuntman at Toynbee JW (Mr & Mrs D Thomsom)
4th  Bellellen Double Duice (Mrs S Saunders)
5th  Timazinte's Peppermint at Frenchlands (Mr & Mrs E J Schuckardt)

Yearling Dog (2)






1st  Bellellen Double Duice (Mrs S Saunders)
2nd  Timazinte's Peppermint at Frenchlands (Mr & Mrs Schuckardt)

Novice Dog (3, 1)






1st  Bellellen Double Duice (Mrs S Saunders)
2nd   Anniseed Christmas Magic at Samorrey (Mr R Green)

Graduate Dog  (2, 1)






1st  Bellellen Double Duice (Mrs S Saunders)

Post Graduate Dog (6, 1)

1st  Avgit Guliver Travels to Kenida (Mrs I Watts)
2nd  Zanamop Trader Jack at Vowchurch (Mrs L Carter)
3rd  Amesen Watch Me Fly to Ballito (Mrs S Pointon)
4th  Spyanki Oh Happy Day JW SHCM (Dr K Logan)
5th  Belazieth Hello Carryon at Setrof (Mr & Mrs S Foster)

Limit Dog (9)

1st  Telshotbriar Leonardo with Littondale (Lightfoot & Lock)
2nd  Chamando Smooth Operator (Mrs L Alsop)
3rd  Deelayne Conquistador (Holland & Lewis)
4th  Chethang Storm (Mr & Mrs D Chamers)
5th  Fengola's Simply Wonderful at Claelamir jw Shcm (Miss C Blake)

Open Dog (8)

1st  CH Strike a Light for Kutani (Mrs V Clutterbuck)
2nd  CH Dimara Real Riot at Belazieth (Miss A Devereux)
3rd  CH Forochel Fjord (Dungate & Minton)
4th  Nickander Something Special (Miss N Crummy)
5th  CH Littondale Replay Kutani (Lock & Cain)

Veteran Dog (3)

1st  Shogandale Cubre Libre (Mr & Mrs G Leaver)
2nd  Luekki Diemos to Spyanki JW SHCM (Dr Z Logan)
3rd  Simuje Valentino (Mrs A Williams)

Minor Puppy Bitch (10)

1st  Spyanki Enigmatic Kisses (Dr K Logan)
2nd  Damjoz Moon Lady at Claelamir (Miss C Blake)
3rd  Katey Pleasures (Mrs K Surtees)
4th  Damjoz Moon Maiden (Mr J Norris)
5th  Damjoz Moondancer (Miss I Pumstead)

Puppy Bitch (10)

1st  Marnbri Tiger Lily Under Autumnspell (Mrs A O'Doherty)
2nd  Myakara Strike A Pose (Miss V Clutterbuck)
3rd  Petwalk All Eye's On Me (Mr P Walker)
4th  Timazinte's Kienke (Scarll & Sykes)
5th  Kutani Bella Rosa With Aspera (Mrs J Beddoe)

Junior Bitch (1)






1st  CH Remrah Scarlet Ribbons at Khinjan JW (Mrs S Hattrell)

Yearling Bitch (3)

1st  Deelayne Rafa Ella at Shogandale (Mr & Mrs G Leaver)
2nd  Remrah Babooshka at Marpori (Mrs G Free)
3rd  Yiskah Blonde Bombshell (Mrs S Impy)

Novice Bitch (5, 2)

1st  Petwalk Writings on the Wall (Mr P Walker)
2nd  Damjoz Moon Lady at Claelamir (Miss C Blake)
3rd  Myakara Strike a Pose (Mrs V Clutterbuck)

Graduate Bitch (3)

1st  Littondale Gisella (Mr & Mrs D & J Lock)
2nd  Petwalk Writings on The Wall (Mr P Walker)
3rd  Remrah Babooshka at Marpori (Mrs G Free)

Post Graduate Bitch (5)






1st  Tarendak's Pawsarivity (Dickinson, Taylor & Ventur Moore)
2nd  Chtaura Message To Martha Via Chysauster (Waterhouse & Morrow)
3rd  Nickanda Special Edition (Miss N Crummy)
4th  Absosengkye Light My Fire (Mr & Mrs P Ogden)
5th  Deelayne Magella at Jerami (Mr & Mrs Taylor)

Limit Bitch (9, 2)

1st  Quaymore Second Chance With Deelayne (Mrs M Lewis)
2nd  Vallena Daria (Mrs H Bell)
3rd  Shiawandi What If (Miss G Holland)
4th  Bobellam Made You Look (White & Carter)
5th  Chancienn Kiss This At Toynbee JW SHCM (Mr & Mrs D Thomson)

Open Bitch (8, 1)

1st  Chethang Petronella (Mr & Mrs D Chalmers)
2nd  Timazinte's Dream Girl JW (Scarll & Sykes)
3rd  Deelayne Demerara (Mrs M Lewis)
4th  Shingsa Total Eclipse with Chtaura (Mrs A Waterhouse)
5th  Anjesics Dreams Come True JW (Mr & Mrs G Roaach)

Veteran Bitch (2)






1st  CH Deelayne Illustrious (Ms E Carrick)
2nd CH  Anjesics Dream Maker JW SHCM (Mr & Mrs G Roach)

Janet Holloway Special Yearling
Memorial Stakes Results

Judge - Mr Gordon Leaver

Yearling Dog (6, 1)

1st  Remrah Rave On JW
2nd Belazieth Jack of Hearts
3rd  Bellellen Double Duice
4th  Remrah Mad Stuntman at Toynbee jw
5th  Zanamop Trader Jack at Vowchurch

Yearling Bitch (2)

1st  Damjoz Moon Maiden
2nd  Damjoz Moon Lady At Claelmir

PICTURES FROM OUR SHOW Kindly Taken By Mr Eamonn O'Doherty & Mr Stuart Keay