Lhasa Apso Club Open Show
Sunday 24th January 2016
Show Results

Judge - Mr Neil Smith

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BIS  Jalus Pollyanna JW
RBIS  Bellellen Bubblicious
BOS  Showa Everlasting With Damjoz
BPIS  Renrah Rave On
RBPIS  Remrah Scarlet Ribbons At Khinjan

Best Dog  Showa Everlasting With Damjoz
Rerserve Best Dog  Shigatse You Can Call Me Al At Jamikasoka
Best Puppy Dog  Remrah Rave On

Best Bitch  Jalus Pollyanna JW
Reserve Best Bitch  Bellellen Bubblicious
Best Puppy Bitch  Remrah Scarlet Ribbons At Khinjan

Minor Puppy Dog

1st  Remrah Rave On
2nd  Snow-Lions Modus Vivendi With Jalus
3rd  Timazinti's Tocatins

Puppy Dog






1st  Deelayne El Conquistador
2nd  Mytilene Marquise Noire At Makadream

Junior Dog

1st  Showa Everlasting With Damjoz
2nd  Aspera Mockingjay
3rd  Chamando Smooth Operator

Yearling Dog






1st  Amesen Watch Me Fly to Ballito
2nd  Belazieth Hello Carry On At Setrof

Novice Dog






1st  Chamando Smooth Operator

Graduate Dog






1st  Mytilene Marquise Noire At Makadream

Post Graduate Dog






1st  Quaymore Take A Chance

Limit Dog

1st  Dimara Roll the Dice For Jodak
2nd  Cossy's Guinness
3rd  Mytilene Caspion Prince

Open Dog






1st  Shigatse you Can Call Me Al At Jamikasoka
2nd  Shogundale Cubra Libre SHCM

Veteran Dog

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st  Remrah Scarlet Ribbons at Khinjan
2nd  Remrah Babooshka at Mapori
3rd  Dardanelles Imagine Dragon

Puppy Bitch

1st  Deelayne Rafa Ella at Shogundale
2nd  Deelayne Vittoria
3rd  Kalizma Senorita Galore at Newcliffe

Junior Bitch






1st  Yiskah Blond Bombshell
2nd  Vallena Daria

Yearling Bitch






1st  Deelayne Nandita with Remrah

Novice Bitch

Graduate Bitch

Post Graduate Bitch

1st  Fengola Oh So Special for Marpori
2nd  Shiawandi What If
3rd  Shogundale Pinwinnie Royal

Limit Bitch

1st  Timazinti Dream Girl JW
2nd  Tantra's Second Sight at Lisimo
3rd  Cossy's Coffee Latte

Open Bitch

1st  Jalus Pollyanna JW
2nd  Bellellen Bubblicious
3rd  Mokadream Zinnia Ruffles

Veteran Bitch