Lhasa Apso Club Championship Show Sunday 14th October 2018
Show Results




Judge - Mrs Joan Scarll (Timazinti)

Main Winners






BIS  CH Sandauri Show Stopper For Kutani 
RBIS  Cossy's Caffe Latte 
BPIS  Khinjan Scarlet Pimpernel
RBPIS  Khinjan Bellisima 

BVIS  CH Littondale Vallentino JW
Dog CC CH Sandauri Show Stopper For Kutani 

Reserve Dog CC  Remrah Rave On JW
Best Puppy Dog  Khinjan Scarlet Pimpernel
Bitch CC  Cossy's Caffe Latte 
Reserve Bitch CC  CH Marnbri Tiger Lily Under Autumnspell JW

Best Puppy Bitch  Khinjan Bellisima 
Please accept my apologise for my camera settings in the dog classes, a school boy error which Im extreamly sorry for. 



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Minor Puppy Dog

1st        Deelayne Jaywalker 
2nd       Newcliffe Kia-ora
3rd       Belazieth's Code Red At Gatchinyo 







Puppy Dog

1st        Khinjan Scarlet Pimpernel
2nd       Kelankins By Design At Billkenstar 








Junior Dog

1st        Khinjan Causin Kaos 
2nd      Dadanelles Nureyev 
3rd      Chtaura Shadow Man 








Yearling Dog

1st           Terendak Northern Hope

2nd          Mitchella Midnight Mover 








Novice Dog

1st       Newcliffe Kia-ora    

2nd      Terendak Northern Hope

3rd       Belazieth's Code Red At Gatchinyo 






Graduate Dog

1st        Gallerio Golden Boy 
2nd           Mitchella Midnight Mover 
3rd           Swandown Head Boy Over Samorrey 








Post Graduate Dog

1st        Sifrason's Military Hero JW ShCM
2nd       Tarendes See This Bear
3rd       Viewtop Mystic Black Knight At Gatchinyo 
Res      Taemarus Neverending Story JW
VHC    Archirondel Nasa At Saksfifth 







Limit Dog

1st        Remrah Rave On JW
2nd       Kutani Shockwave
3rd       Anjesics Kingsmaker Of Khazedel JW
Res      Spyanki Oh Happy Day JW ShCM
VHC    Taemarus Living Daylights 









Open Dog

1st        CH Sandauri Show Stopper For Kutani 
2nd       Nickanda Something Special 
3rd       Telshotbriar Leonardo With Littondale 
Res      Vonstry Legend 








Veteran Dog

1st        CH Littondale Vallentino
2nd       Luekiki Diemos To Spyanki JW ShCM 







Champion Dog

No Enteries 




Minor Puppy Bitch

1st        Longsdale's Are You Phareal (NAFTAF)
2nd       Belazieth Sunshine Girl 
3rd        Belazieth Miss Solitaire At Tarendes
Res       Jamikasoka Shape Of You 







Puppy Bitch


1st        Khinjan Bellisima 
2nd       Khinjan Rose Gold At Remrah  
3rd        Jamikasoka Its All About You  
Res       Dardanelles Antigone








Junior Bitch

1st        Marbledale One And Only Gallerio 
2nd       Terendak Heavens Hope
3rd        Vallena Amica  
Res       Longsdale's One Last Time 
VHC     Marbledale Kiss The Stars        







Yearling Bitch

1st        Zanamop Wild Honey Of Vowchurch







Novice Bitch

1st        Marbledale Kiss The Stars 






Graduate Bitch

1st        Chethang Tanique
2nd       Zanamop Wild Honey Of Vowchurch
3rd       Sifrason Kona At Burnsett  
Res      Anniseed December Magic At Samorrey  







Post Graduate Bitch

1st        Kutani Material Girl For Myakara  
2nd       Newcliffe Luisa-Lace
3rd        Elleonia Rebounding Back To Sukisha 
Res       Miss Petite Bo Peep Minx 
VHC     Tarendes She's My Bear  







Limit Bitch

1st        Yiskah Blonde Bombshell  
2nd       Anniseed Christmas Pearl 
3rd        Taemarus Amazing Grace 
Res       Marbledale Picture Perfect To Autumnspell 
VHC     Remrah Babooshka At Marpori JW ShCM 








Open Bitch

1st        Cossy's Caffe Latte
2nd       Anjesics Dreams Come True JW
3rd        Tai Fanza White Lies 
Res      IR CH Marbledale Mamba JW Ir Jun CH
VHC    Taemarus Moet






Veteran Bitch

No Enteries 




Champion Bitch

1st        CH Marnbri Tiger Lily Under Autumnspell JW 







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