Lhasa Apso Club Open Show Sunday 18th July 2018
Show Results




Judge - Mr Mike Vincent 

BIS  CH Littondale Vallentino
RBIS  Remrah Rave On JW
BOS  Cossy’s Star Attraction Via Mytilene JW
BPIS  Khinjan Scarlet Pimpernel
RBPIS  Khinjan Rose Gold

BVIS  CH Littondale Vallentino JW
RBVIS Jardene Written in the Stars
Best Dog  CH Littondale Vallentino JW

Reserve Best Dog  Remrah Rave On JW
Best Puppy Dog  Khinjan Scarlet Pimpernel
Best Bitch  Cossy’s Star Attraction Via Mytilene JW
Reserve Best Bitch  Culverhouse Queen of Hearts

Best Puppy Bitch  Khinjan Rose Gold



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Minor Puppy Dog

1st        Khinjan Scarlet Pimpernel
2nd       Showa Dynamite for Archirondel







Puppy Dog

1st        Chtaura Sweet Talking Guy
2nd       Showa Dynamite for Archirondel








Junior Dog

1st        Abscarrytee Shadow Master with Mytilene








Yearling Dog

No Entries

Novice Dog

No Entries

Graduate Dog

1st        Abscarrytee Shadow Master with Mytilene








Post Graduate Dog

1st        Archirondel’s Beauregarde
2nd       Shigatse Luis







Limit Dog

1st        Remrah Rave On JW
2nd       Shingsa Sultan of Swing Via Chtaura









Open Dog

No Entries




Veteran Dog

1st        Ch Littondale Vallentino JW








Minor Puppy Bitch

1st        Khinjan Rose Gold
2nd       Khinjan Bellisima
3rd        Chtaura Dead Ringer for Luv





Puppy Bitch

1st        Elleonia Meant To Be With Corroll








Junior Bitch

1st        Culverhouse Queen of Hearts
2nd       Montrabella’s Rebecca Sallito
3rd        Newcliffe Luisa-Lace







Yearling Bitch

1st        Culverhouse Queen of Hearts
2nd       Newcliffe Luisa-Lace







Novice Bitch



Graduate Bitch

1st        Aspera Mistique
2nd       Newcliffe Luisa-Lace







Post Graduate Bitch

1st        Yiskah Blone Bombshell
2nd       Newcliffe Luisa-Lace








Limit Bitch

1st        Culverapso Confianza
2nd       Remrah Babooshka at Marpori JW Sh CM








Open Bitch

1st        Cossy’s Star Attraction Via Mytilene JW
2nd       Kutani Jitterbug
3rd        Delayne Demerara








Veteran Bitch 

1st Jardene Written In The Stars