Lhasa Apso Club Open Show
January 2007
Show Results

Judge - Mr Francis Yeoh (Yeosinga)


Best In Show

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Minor Puppy Dog (5, 1)






1st  Chethang Lisandro (Mr & Mrs Skerm)
2nd  Shigatse Orlando (Mrs C Walker)
3rd  Chethang Lucien (Mr & Mrs Chalmers)
4th  Dobriach Deep Secret (Mrs J Witham)

Puppy Dog (6, 1)






1st  Damjoz First Edition (Mr J Norris)
2nd  Newcliffe Ken You Believe It (Miss Timberlake)

Junior Dog (9, 2)






1st  Becsgame New Beginnings For Alamiks (Mr Carter & Waddell)
2nd  Wyndcatch Against The Odds (Mrs J Smith)
3rd  Deelayne Making A Mark For Nosneb (Mr & Mrs Skillings)
4th  Mytilene Naughty But Nice (Mrs T Gillman)
5th  Newcliffe Mirror Image Avec Skaldan TAF (Mrs S Wiseman)

Yearling Dog (1)






1st  Becsgame New Beginnings For Alamkiks (Mr Carter & Waddell)

Novice Dog (3)






1st  Newcliffe Ken You Believe It (Miss Timberlake)
2nd  Wyndcatch Against The Odds (Mrs J Smith)

Graduate Dog (1)

1st  Mytilene Naughty But Nice

Post Graduate Dog (3)

1st  Rishyln Rising Sun Over Skaldan (Mrs S Wiseman)
2nd  Clancaniter Floridian (Miss Clancy)
3rd  Shardlow Windy Miller (Mr & Mrs Skerm)

Limit Dog (10)






1st  Jalus Galileo JW (mrs Luscott)
2nd  Mytilene Midnight Cowboy (Mrs T Gillman)
3rd  Bellellen Boy O'Boy (mr & Mrs Saunders)
4th  Chtaura Shadow Dancer (Mrs Waterhouse)
5th  Cossy's Jimeny Cricket Amoung Nosneb (Mr & Mrs Skillings)

Open Dog (5, 2)






1st  Timazinti Motoro JW (Mrs J Scarll)
2nd  CH Nedlik De Nato Of Vallena (Mr & Mrs Bell)
3rd  Snowtalia Chomolungma Boy (Mrs J Warner)
4th  Whispara Strike A Paws For Alamiks (Mr Carter & Waddell)

Veteran Dog (3, 2)






1st  CH/AM CH Chtaura Dream Machine (Mrs Waterhouse)

Minor Puppy Bitch (9, 4)






1st  Chataura Wishin And Hoppin (Mrs Waterhouse)
2nd  Hamikasoka Shady Lady (Mrs Bushell)
3rd  Chethang Laurencia At Jastina (Mrs Blaber)
4th  Avonbourne Goody Two Shoes (Mrs Young)
5th  Sinyul Aint She Sweet (Mrs Torrance)

Puppy Bitch (11, 4)






1st  Lisimo April Love (Mr & Mrs Wiehe)
2nd  Patarch Naught But Nice At Corrolls (Mrs J Hazelhurst)
3rd  Damjoz Forever Dreaming (Mr J Norris)
4th  Newcliffe Phoenix (Mrs Sutcliffe)
5th  Patarch French Connection (Mr & Mrs Barthorpe)

Junior Bitch (10, 3)






1st  Timazinti Molly (Mrs Scarll)
2nd  Deelayne Olivia De Luvly (Mr J Norris)
3rd  Sanchenla Persephone (Miss Bedfod)
4th  Chtaura Sealed With A Kiss (Mrs Waterhouse)
5th  Fengola Simply Seductive (Mr Baxter)

Yearling Bitch (2, 1)






1st  Sanchenla Pandora (Miss Bedford)

Novice Bitch (3, 1)






1st  Sanchenla Persephone (Miss Bedford)
2nd  Avonbourne Tender Touch (Mrs Young)

Graduate Bitch (6, 1)






1st  Corrolls Hoo La La (Mrs Hazelhurst)
2nd  Jalus Goldilocks (Mrs Luscott)
3rd  Sanchenla Pandora (Miss Bedford)
4th  Deelayne Gorgeous Gussey At Hayana (Mrs McCarthy)
5th  Avonbourne Tender Touch (Mrs Young)

Post Graduate Bitch (7)






1st  Elisamay's Angelica (Mrs Pearson)
2nd  Patarch Perfection (Mr & Mrs Barthope)
3rd  Avonbourne Lucy Lastic With Sukisha (Mrs Waghorn)
4th  Askya Stars In Yer Eyes At Littondale (Mr & Mrs Lock)
5th  Dobriach Angelica (Mrs Witham)

Limit Bitch (9, 3)






1st  Chtaura Kiss Me Honey JW (Mrs Waterhouse)
2nd  Timazinti Mantilla (Mrs J Scarl)
3rd  Monkspath Dancing Queen (Mrs Wilkes)
4th  Vaderlands Electra-fy (Miss Holland)
5th  Vallena Aimena (Mr & Mrs Bell)

Open Bitch (7, 3)






1st  CH Chtaura All You Need Is Luv JW (Mrs Waterhouse)
2nd  Zentarr Matilda At Corrolls (Mrs Hazelhurst)
3rd  Snowtalia Nuptse Girl (Mrs Warner)
4th  Coombehall Caramelle Cum Newcliffe (Mrs Sutcliffe)

Veteran Bitch (9, 1)

1st  CH Vaderlands Flame And Fortune (Miss Holland)
2nd  Askja Whispa Sweet Nuthin (Mr & Mrs Lock)
3rd  CH Jardene Dazzle Me Do (Mr & Mrs Bromely)
4th  Chergram's Private Dancer (Mr & Mrs Holmes)
5th  Saxonsprings Sunrise At Marpori SHCM (Mrs Free)

Brace (4, 2)






1st  Newcliffe Mirror Image Avec Skaldan TAF & Rishlyn Rising Sun Over Skaldan (Mrs Wiseman)
2nd  Hayana Miss Georgian & Deelayne Gorgeous Gussety At Hayana (Mrs McCarthy)