Lhasa Apso Club
Open Show - Sunday 18th June 2006
Show Results

Judge - Mrs Helen Bell (Vallena)

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BIS:  Chtaura Shadow Dancer (Waterhouse)
RBIS:  Avonbourne Bemused (Young)
BPIS:  Sangchenla Pandora (Bedford)
RBPIS:  Nedlick Classic Attraction (Lee)
BVIS:  Chergram Private Dancer (Holmes)
RBVIS:  Nedlik Classic Claude (Ellis)

Minor Puppy Dog (8, 1)

1st  Deelayne Making A Mark For Nosneb
2nd  Avonbourne Touch & Go
3rd  Askya Insatiable
4th  Chtaura The X Factor
5th  Marpori Limited Adition

Puppy Dog (1)

1st  Nedlik Classic Attraction

Junior Dog (3, 1)

1st  Balito's Ambrose With Angadema
2nd  Wolferlow What A Gossip

Yearling Dog (2, 1)

1st  Rictovia Sombody To Love

Novice Dog (1, 1)

Graduate Dog (5, 2)

1st  Rictovia Sombody To Love
2nd  Nedlik Classic Hugo
3rd  Zadophie Blackbeard Via Wolferlow

Post Graduate Dog (3, 1)

1st  Chtaura Shadow Dancer
2nd  Clancaniter Floridian

Limit Dog (5)

1st  Le Choix Catch Me If 'Ya Can At Askja JW SHCH
2nd  Wolferlow Merlot
3rd  Cossy's Jimeny Cricket Amoung Nosneb
4th  Allooain Who Dares
5th  Chamando Verdi At Hayana

Open Dog (6, 3)

1st  CH & AM CH Chtaura Dream Machine
2nd  AUST CH Amesen Come Fly With Me To Balito (IMP)
3rd  Miracle Mooshine At Monkspath

Veteran Dog (3, 2)

1st  Nedlik Classic Claude

Minor Puppy Bitch (9)

1st  Avonbourne Render Touch
2nd  Askya Popcorn 'N' Peanuts
3rd  Elleonia On The Dark Side
4th  Chtaura Sealed With A Kiss
5th  Askya Truly Unruly

Puppy Bitch (10, 2)

1st   Sangchenla Pandora
2nd  Nedlik Simply the Style
3rd  Sangchenla Persephone
4th  Avonbourne Black Eyed Pea
5th  Monkspath Harry Met Sally

Junior Bitch (6, 3)

1st  Avonbourne Lucy Lastic With Sukisha
2nd  Mytilene Peggy Sue Cum Newcliffe
3rd  Ballito Fly Liberty Belle To Zoffany

Yearling Bitch (2, 1)

1st  Chtaura Boom Bang A Bang

Novice Bitch (1, 1)

Graduate Bitch (6, 3)

1st  Shardlow Rose Petals Fall Over Cedarpoint
2nd  Rictovia She's The One
3rd  Avonbourne Electra

Post Graduate Bitch (10, 5)

1st  Chtaura Spinning Around For Jamikasoka
2nd  Angadema Ask For Me
3rd  Wyndcatch Sweet Dreams
4th  Rochaway's Oops-A-Daisy

Limit Bitch (9, 2)

1st  Avonbourne Bemused
2nd  Nedik An Paris
3rd  Askya Tantrums 'N' Teardrops JW
4th  Sinyul Let's Stay Together JW
5th  Shardlow Party Popper JW SHCM

Open Bitch (6, 2)

1st  Sinyul Brief Encounter
2nd  Askya Worse Than Wicked JW SHCM
3rd  CH Chtaura All U Need Is Luv
4th  Coombehall Caramelle Cum-Newcliffe

Veteran Bitch (5, 1)

1st  Chergram's Private Dancer
2nd  Sealaw Meets The Press For Bedingfield
3rd  Chobrang Sharazam
4th  Rochawy's Oops-A-Daisy