Lhasa Apso Club
Championship Show - October 2005
Show Results

Judge - Mr Stuart Keay

BEST IN SHOW  CH Deelayne Indulgence (Lewis)
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW  Fengola's Simply Wk (Baxter)
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW  Larool Destiny at Swaybee (Yates & Jones)
RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW  Modhish Nagpo Chenpo (Cunliffe)

Minor Puppy Dog (8, 1)

1st  Patarch Night In White Satin (Mr & Mrs Barthorpe)
2nd  Deelayne Que De Que (Mr & Mrs Allen)
3rd  Tasarnia Cinaruco NAF (Mrs S Matthews)
4th  Ballito's Ambrose With Angadema (Mrs G McNally)
5th  Anniseed Lionheart (Mrs A O'Doherty)

Puppy Dog (6, 1)

1st  Modhish Nagpo Chenpo (Miss J Cunliffe)
2nd  Truern Matchpoint (Mrs G Summer)
3rd  Deelayne As If (Mrs M Lewis)
4th  Zadophie Jack Sparrow For Shardlow (Mr & Mrs Paradise)
5th  Chtaura Knock On Wood (Mrs A Waterhouse)

Junior Dog (7, 4)

1st  Showa Bobby Dazzla For Katay (Mr & Mrs Surtess)
2nd  Simuje Lexara Donarti (Mrs S Rout)
3rd  Tarendes Smokey Bear (Mrs S M Jones)

Maiden Dog (3, 1)

1st  Modhish Nagpo Chenpo (Miss J Cunliffe)
2nd  Kingbarston Northern Gold (Miss S Jenkins)

Novice Dog (4, 2)

1st  Modhish Nagpo Chenpo (Miss J Cunliffe)
2nd  Zadophie Jack Sparrow For Shardlow (Mr & Mrs Paradise)

Graduate Dog  (5, 2)

1st  Rossgilde Tumpers Web (Mr R Scholes)
2nd  Chtaura Shadow Dancer (Mrs A Waterhouse)
3rd  Simuje Lexara Donarti (Mrs S Rout)

Post Graduate Dog (6, 1)

1st  Cossy's Jammie Dodger At Jardene JW (Mrs J Bromley)
2nd  Wolferlw Merlot (Ms C Scott)
3rd  Bellellen Boy O'Boy (Mrs S Saunders)
4th  Camando Verdi At Hayana (Mrs McCarthy)
5th  Clancaniter Floridian (Miss Clancy)

Limit Dog (9, 1)

1st  Nedlik De Nato Of Vallena (Mrs H Bell)
2nd  Rishlyn Rio Bravo For Swaybee (Mrs L Yates Jones)
3rd  Elleonia On The Level JW (Miss J Seward)
4th  Marchtru San Marquis At Narmoak (Mr & Mrs R Davis)
5th  Nicando Otello (Miss N Crummey)

Open Dog (17, 3)

1st  Fengola's Simply Wk (Mr A Baxter)
2nd  Saxonsprings Buddy With Dimara (Mr & Mrs Philips)
3rd  CH Now And Forever Deelayne (Mrs M Lewis)
4th  CH Jalus Dan Dare (Mrs A Luscott)
5th  CH Sealaw Forever Dreaming of Rossgilde JW SHCM (Mr G Corish & Mrs Scholes)

Veteran Dog (1)

1st  Mercerden Midnight Warrior (Mrs N Simmons)

Minor Puppy Bitch (9, 3)

1st  Chtaura Boom Bang A Bang (Mrs A Waterhouse)
2nd  Vaderlands Eva-Licious (Miss G Holland)
3rd  Avonbourne Lucy Lastic With Sukisha (Mrs J Waghorn)
4th  Larool Starstruck For Jardene (Mrs J Bromley)
5th  Avonbourne Black Opal At Ansuke (Mrs A Kelly)

Puppy Bitch (10, 3)

1st  Larool Destiny At Swaybee (Mrs L Yates Jones)
2nd  Chtaura Crazy For You (Mrs A Waterhouse)
3rd  Deelayne Madness Divine At Nickanda NAF (Miss N Crummey)
4th  Chethang Helissa (Mr & Mrs Chalmers)
5th   Mytilene Tiger Lily (Mrs T Gillman)

Junior Bitch (15, 3)

1st  Rossgilde Silver Gilt At Chethang JW SHCM (Mr & Mrs Chalmers)
2nd  Camando Little Diva (Mrs L Allsop)
3rd  Forochel Tooney Of Vallena (Miss H King & Mr Bell)
4th  Dimara Pic A Chick (Mr & Mrs Phillips)
5th  Wyndcatch Sweet Dreams (Mrs J Smith)

Maiden Bitch (5, 2)

1st  Dimara Pic A Chick (Mr & Mrs Phillips)
2nd  Mytilene Tiger Lily (Mrs T Gillman)
3rd  Sefai Tiger Lily (Mrs S P Alsop)

Novice Bitch (9, 3)

1st  Chamando Little Diva (Mrs L C Allsop)
2nd  Dimara Pic A Chick (Mr & Mrs Phillips_
3rd  Deelayne Madness Divine At Nickanda NAF (Miss N Crummey)
4th  Mytilene Tiger Lily (Mrs T Gillman)
5th  Modhish Palden Lhamo (Miss J Cunliffe)

Graduate Bitch (10, 2)

1st  Avonbourne Touch And Tell At Chobrang (Mrs I Chamberlain)
2nd  Sinyul Can't Buy Me Love (Mrs P Torrance)
3rd  Elleonia Hopes'N'Dreams (Miss J Seward)
4th  Chamando Little Dia (Mrs L C Allsop)
5th  Aarhus The Addiction (Ms Dewar-Thorlby)

Post Graduate Bitch (11, 2)

1st  Nedlik An Paris (Mrs S Ellis)
2nd  Angadema Ask For Me (Mrs G McNally)
3rd  Shardlow Ragtaggle Gypsy JW SHCM (Mr & Mrs Paradise)
4th  Showa Taffeta At Chergram (Mr & Mrs G Holmes)
5th  Exephials The Love Spell (Miss A M Cassidy)

Limit Bitch (15, 4)

1st  Shardlow Party Pooper JW (Mr & Mrs Paradise)
2nd  Chtaura All U Need Is Luv JW (Mrs A Waterhouse)
3rd  Jalus Dizzy Lizzy (Mrs A Luscott)
4th  Zentarr Malissa Amoung Shanclar (Mrs Shand-Clark & Mrs Shand-Robinson)
5th  Ansuke Lollopalozza (Mrs A Kelly)

Open Bitch (13, 4)

1st  CH Deelayne Indulgence (Mrs M Lewis)
2nd  Sinyul Brief Encounter (Mrs P Torrance)
3rd  Patarch Prim And Proper At Corrolls (Mrs J Hazelhurst)
4th  Brides Viel Over Forochel (Mr Bell & Miss H King)
5th  Deelayne Ylang Ylang To Exephials (Miss A M Cassidy)

Veteran Bitch (7, 1)

1st  Chergram's Private Dancer (Mr & Mrs G Holmes)
2nd  Deelayne Beyond The Pale For Shanclar (Mrs Shand-Clark & Shand-Robinson)
3rd  Sealaw Meets The Press For Bedingfield (Mrs M Sutcliffe)
4th  Masika Kulu (Mrs J Holloway)
5th  Ardquin Anastasia With Quaymore (Mr & Mrs H & P Allen)

Brace (4, 2)

1st  Zadophie Jack Sparrow For Shardlow & Shardlow Party Popper JW (Mr & Mrs Paradise)
2nd  Tarendes Precious Bear & Tarendes Passion Bear (Mrs S Jones)