Judge Mrs Brit Marie Young (Farouche) & Our President Mrs Irene PlumsteadLhasa Apso Club
Diamond Jubilee
Open Show
Sunday 17th July 2016
Show Results

Judge - Mrs Brit-Marie Young (Farouche)


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BEST IN SHOW  Dimara Roll The Dice For Jodak
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW  Timazinti's Dream Girl 
BEST OPPOSITE SEX Timazinti's Dream Girl
RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW  Remrah Babooshka At Marpori
BEST VETERAN  Shogandale Cubre Libre Shcm

Dog Winners

BEST DOG  Dimara Roll The Dice For Jodak
RESERVE BEST DOG  Telshotbriar Leonardo With Littondale
BEST PUPPY DOG  Remrah Rave On

Bitch Winners

BEST BITCH  Timazinti's Dream Girl
RESERVE BEST BITCH  Deelayne Demarara
BEST PUPPY BITCH  Remrah Babooshka At Marpori


Minor Puppy Dog (1)






1st  Lisimo Malaki At Shigatse ( Mrs C Walker)

Puppy Dog (6)

1st  Remrah Rave On ( Mrs K Harmer)
2nd  Redsun Name The Day Via Alamiks ( Mrs L Copestick)
3rd  Alamiks Dare To Dream ( Barnett and Carter )
4th  Jardene Diamond Geezer ( Mrs J Bromley)
5th  Tremarus Living Daylights ( Ms M Hemssley)

Junior Dog (3,1)






1st  Deelayne Conqustador ( Holland & Lewis)
2nd  Mytilene Marquise At Mockadream ( Mrs C Frances)

Yearling Dog (1)






1st  Mytilene Marquise At Mockadream ( Mrs C Frances)

Novice Dog (1,1)

Graduate Dog  NO ENTRIES

Post Graduate Dog (2)






1st  Chamando Smooth Operater (Mrs L Allop)
2nd  Alamiks I'm To Sexy For Linhavens ( Mrs L Copestick)

Limit Dog (1)






1st  Telshotbriar Leonardo With Littondale (Lightfoot & Lock)

Open Dog (7)

1st  Dimara Roll The Dice For Jodak (House & Hinchcliffe)
2nd  Ch Littondale Replay Kutani (Lock & Cain)
3rd  Nickanda Something Special (Miss N Crummey)
4th  Amdo Quiz Master With Alamiks ( Barnett & Carter)
5th  Newcliffe Rameses ( Sutcliffe & Fleet)

Veteran Dog (1)






1st  Shogandale Cubre Libre Shcm  ( Mr & Mrs G Leaver)

Minor Puppy Bitch (5,3)






1st  Marnbri Tiger Lily Under Autumnspell (Mrs A O'Doherty)
2nd  Timizinti Kieke ( Scarll & Sykes)

Puppy Bitch (7)

1st  Remrah Babooshka At Marpori ( Mrs G Free)
2nd   Kutani Jitterbug (Mr & Mrs J Renolds)
3rd  Kutani Bella Rosa With Aspera ( Mrs J Beddoe)
4th  Cossy's Sohaila Avec Archirondel ( Mrs D Dorrell)
5th  Tremarus Amazing Grace ( Ms M Hemsley)

Junior Bitch (3,1)






1st  Deelayne Rafa Ella at Shogandale (Mr & Mrs G Leaver)
2nd  Yiskah Blonde Bomb Shell ( Mrs S Impey)

Yearling Bitch (2,1)






1st  Kalizmar Senorita Galore At Newcliffe ( Suttcliffe & Fleet)

Novice Bitch NO ENTRIES 

Graduate Bitch (5,1)

1st  Nickanda Special Edition ( Miss N Crummey)
2nd  Deelayne Nandita With Remrah ( Mrs K Harmer)
3rd  Shogandale Pinwinnie Royal ( Mr & Mrs G Leaver)
4th  Everloving Evelyn ( Mr & Mrs D Moore)

Post Graduate Bitch (4)

1st  Shiawandi What If (Miss G Holland)
2nd  Terandak's Frangapani At shigatse ( Mrs C Walker)
3rd  Alamiks Chasing Rainbows Over Linhavens ( Mrs L Copestick)
4th  Fengola Oh So Special For Marpori ( Mrs G Free)

Limit Bitch (5,2)

1st  Deelayne Demarara ( Mrs M Lewis)
2nd  Taemarus Moet ( Ms M Hensley)
3rd  Jamikasoka Someone Like You ( Mrs B Bushell)

Open Bitch (6,2)

1st  Timazinti's Dream Girl ( Scarll & Sykes)
2nd  Uk/Swed/Serb Ch Sting's Make My Day (Imp Swed) (Barnett & Carter)
3rd  Mockadream Zinnia Ruffles ( Mrs C Frances) 
4th  Quaymore Sacond chance With Deelayne ( Mrs M Lewis)

Veteran Bitch  NO ENTRIES

PICTURES FROM OUR SHOW Kindly Taken By Mr Eamonn O'Doherty
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